For Sale

  • Thunderstruck semen:  $2,500/straw  VERY Limited
  • Bullwinkle semen:  $2,500/straw Largest 3yr old to date
  • Midnight semen:   $2,000/straw One of the largest Chocolate bucks in the industry SOLD OUT
  • Bred Fallow doe bred to Paddles : $3,750 SOLD OUT
  • Bring your doe to us to AI to Bullwinkle or Paddles and live cover to one of our bucks. (we cover semen, AI, and boarding costs, and hold for 90 days):  $2,500
  • Pedigreed OPEN doe out of great genetics:  $2,500-$20,000 available in September
  • Pedigreed 2021 born doe fawns out of Thunderstruck, Bullwinkle, American Made or Paddles:  Auction only
  • Pedigreed 2021 born doe fawns out of cover bucks (Limestone or Avenger):  $3,000 available in September
  • Good genetic 3yr old+ breeder bucks:  $7,500-$50,000 available beginning in July