About Us

Aden Lasseter has been involved with Whitetails and Exotics for 30+ years. Aden’s passion is with mainly with Sable, Bongo, Nyala and Gemsbok. He has a beautiful Texas Ranch near Round Mountain and believes in the Caveman Wildlife Plan well enough to stock his own Ranch with these Whitetails.

Lance Clawson has been involved with Whitetails and Exotics all his life mainly from a hunting perspective. As a professional hunter Lance has been on numerous television shows exhibiting his skills as a hunter and guide all over the world. Lance’s passion is mainly with Caveman’s herd of Fallow, Eastern Impala, Pure Nubian Ibex and Transcaspian Urials. He has worked very hard to find the best genetics possible. Lance also has a beautiful ranch near Lampasas that is stocked with some of the best Whitetails and Exotics in the world.

Both Aden Lasseter and Lance Clawson own The Georgetown Corporation which operates Innerspace Cavern in Georgetown where Caveman Wildlife was created. Genetics include Bullwinkle, Big Jake, Big Mac, Lightning, American Made, No Brainer and more.