We offer a number of different Exotic hunts for sale in Texas.  As with the Whitetails we hunt 2 different Ranches for Exotics.  One is around 2,000 acres near Round Mountain where we offer Kudu, Nilgia, Gemsbok, Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow Deer, Hogs and Impala.  The other is our Raw and rugged Hamilton Pool Ranch where we offer SHOTS UP TO 1,000 YARDS for several different species of Exotics from Nubian Ibex and Transcaspian Urials to Nilgia and Aoudad and much more.  All hunts range from morning or afternoon day hunts up to hunts for 2 days that may include lodging, meals and guide fees. Like with the Whitetail Hunts WE HAVE HAD A 100% SUCCESS RATE ON ALL EXOTICS HUNTS SINCE WE BEGAN HUNTING THESE RANCHES.


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